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Sevilla away to Real Madrid Kerry Wood Jersey

Le 29 May 2017, 04:52 dans Humeurs 0

Sevilla away to Real Madrid Kerry Wood Jersey, was asked whether to trust Sevilla, Enrique pointed out that "a long time ago, I focus on their own team Mike Montgomery Jersey." The media revealed that the week "I do not care about things that are not related to the game." Alves will switch to Juventus again in the Champions League final Brett Anderson Jersey, Barcelona coach said, "I am happy to see him." Played the Champions League final, I know how important he went to the club, we all know how I evaluate him. This season J Luo playing time is only about 1800 minutes, the team countdown, the regular rotation lineup Duane Underwood Jersey, only Pepe and Casillas than he played less time, the Portuguese defender or because of injury too much. Colombian is Real Madrid team history worth the third expensive star, transfer fee 80 million euros, second only to Bell C Lo, but after the departure of Ancelotti, he has never played the first season after joining Real Madrid's performance. The tournament this season, J Luo 11 ball 12 assists, direct manufacture of 23 balls, is still La Liga made one of the most midfielder. But the Colombian defensive consciousness is weak, so that in the competition lost to Islam, and Zidaneo warfare focus is more preference for the star star Arsenio, but also let J Luo feel in the Bernabeu no future.

Colombian National Radio recently

Le 29 May 2017, 04:52 dans Humeurs 0

Colombian National Radio recently revealed that J Luo has reached an agreement with Manchester United, as long as the two sides agreed to transfer the club fee, he landed the Premiership. J Luo and Mourinho brokers are Mendes, Manchester United is likely to be the European Cup champion as the Champions League next season, which makes J Luo defended to Mourinho became possible. If this summer, Real Madrid really want to chase J Luo's Monaco Mbipei, the sale of its cash will be a reasonable option, after all, Real Madrid offensive midfield talent rich. However, Florentino has not yet agreed to sell, because J Luo in the South American market super influence, recently shot the Champions League final film, J Luo is the protagonist Jose Rosario Jersey, that Manchester United to get the World Cup gold boots, the negotiations are not difficult. Regardless of C Lo is not revenge vent their anger, this time no ball foul action is still very dangerous, once the referee Marianke that he was deliberately foul, to produce a yellow card, C Luo will accumulate five yellow cards, Tower of the key match. The service Najiao complained about the referee, has eaten the league fifth yellow card Caleb Smith Jersey, will automatically suspend round, C Luo if suspended, Real Madrid lost too much, but fortunately the referee Marianke that Sevilla attack Favorable, indicating that the game continues, C Luo escaped. La Liga 37 round all the events, Villarreal, Bilbao and the Royal Society 3 teams are draw Munenori Kawasaki Jersey, to wait for the final round to determine who won two European Cup tickets, , Lock the league third into the Champions League group next season, Leco successful relegation, Sevilla, Real Madrid, Lockdown League No. 4 to get the Champions League qualifying tickets, Gijon after two consecutive victories ahead of relegation, will play Real Madrid plug Alta has suffered a five-game losing streak Fergie Jenkins Jersey.

Pepe and Real Madrid's contract expires

Le 29 May 2017, 04:52 dans Humeurs 0

Pepe and Real Madrid's contract expires this summer, as of now, Real Madrid executives have not opened Pepe's contract negotiations, which means that this summer, the Portuguese defender will leave the Bernabeu. Pepe this season is still maintained a very good competitive state Carlos Zambrano Jersey, played in La Liga and Champions League 16 times, in his debut game, Real Madrid 14 wins and 2 draws, remain unbeaten. Visible, Pepe is the team's defense of the defense, but also can still be based in the five major European league. Barcelona technical director Robert - Fernandez has confirmed that the universe will choose to buy this summer in the summer training Jiaozi Deu Luo Fei Wu Jon Lester Jersey. However, from the Spanish "Marca" news, Deu Luo Fei Wu I do not want to return to the Nou Camp, it is because he worried that he can not get enough playing time is not conducive to his campaign in 2018 Russia World Cup Kris Bryant Jersey. From the "Aspen newspaper" news is that Dortmund demon Deng Peilai Daoshi want to become a member of Barcelona, ??and his agent and Barcelona even made contact. Nei Maer is 25 years old. In a local time on Sunday in a Serie A, Barcelona away 4-1 victory over Las Palmas Ron Santo Jersey, Catalonia giants still retains the hope of winning this season's La Liga championship trophy. In the game, Nei Maer hat trick, he is undoubtedly Barcelona away victory first hero.

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